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August 7, 2020
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Foodies Series: The Art of Mixology



I recommend Buffalo Trace if you prefer Bourbon. Rittenhouse Rye if you prefer Rye. If you want something down the middle Old Grandad is a high rye Bourbon. All three are great values and should be relatively easy to find. If you do not enjoy whiskey, may I suggest that you just do not like it yet. Also do not fret, I will teach other drinks and how these ratios will apply to many other variants. Angostura aromatic bitters can be bought in any grocery store and you may unwittingly have a bottle collecting dust. If you like, there are also some great craft aromatic bitters at more artisanal focused stores like Zander’s if you are in Truckee. As far as simple syrup goes it is simply equal parts sugar and water. Any sugar will do, but for the purpose of this, refined sugar or raw sugar is suggested. I also really enjoy Liquid Alchemist products for some high-quality pre-made syrups with a myriad of flavors. They have a stellar shelf life refrigerated and come in smaller bottles since you do not need to make 200 cocktails a night. Feel free to order some of the more fun flavors for some great tools when we freestyle some one of a kind drinks toward the end of the class. Some recommended tools I would suggest are a Boston shaker, a strainer, jigger, a cocktail spoon, hand juicer and a veggie peeler. Amazon is, well, Amazon. If you want fancier, I will share some tips for best tools and a list of resources for your home bar in the class. If you would like to hold of on that purchase, a mason jar with lid, something that resembles a shot glass, a hand juicer, something you can stir with and a peeler will suffice. Finally, ice. Any ice will do but large cube ice molds are helpful. I will be sharing some tricks on ice for the adventurous types.


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